A number of organizations at Virginia Tech provide services to communities.

I need help with planning for economic development, assessing the feasibility or impact of an economic development project, researching our current businesses/industries and identifying future prospects.
Contact John Provo, Director Virginia Tech Office of Economic Development (540) 231-4004

I need help designing the "look" of project or town.
Contact Elizabeth Gilboy, Director, Virginia Tech Community Design Assistance Center .

I want to find experts in social policy or non-profit management.
Contact Max Stephenson, Director Virginia Tech Institute for Policy and Governance.

I need to find agricultural assistance or other cooperative extension expertise.
Contact Virginia Cooperative Extension

I want to connect with students interested in community engagement or service activities.
Contact Gary Kirk, Director VT Engage: The Community Learning Collaborative .

I need access to other higher education resources from Virginia Tech in:

Central Virginia
Contact Lesa Hanlin, Interim Director, Virginia Tech Richmond Center.

Greater Washington, D.C.
Contact Ashley Barker, Assistant Director, Virginia Tech Continuing and Professional Education

Hampton Roads
Contact Melissa Lubin, Director, Virginia Tech Hampton Roads Center.

Patrick County
Contact Julie Walters Steele, Director, Reynolds Homestead

The Roanoke Valley
Contact Kay Dunkley, Director, Virginia Tech Roanoke Roads Center .

Southwest Virginia
Contact Penny McCallum, Director, Virginia Tech Southwest Virginia Center .

Don't know where to go? Contact John Provo, Director, Virginia Tech Office of Economic Development.


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Hi-tech skills in Virginia's coal country

Southwest Virginia economies continue to reel from declines in coal production and employment. Against this backdrop, communities can seize opportunities to better support and retrain displaced coal mine workers in an industry where jobs fell to a record low of less than 4,000 in 2014, a Virginia Tech workforce study says. Read more