Delivering technological innovation by securing industry and education partnerships.

Technological innovation is the value add that will ensure the future of American industry.  Virginia is home to a rich array of intellectual and business assets in industry and universities that work well together. Virginia Tech provides the Commonwealth with advanced research activities of national and international significance, as well as the human and intellectual capital to put those innovations to work in the marketplace.

Our office advances the university's engagement mission by applying this strong base of innovation assets to economic development needs and opportunities around Virginia.  By working with industry, we can help companies pull out the right intellectual capital to develop new materials and processes that will improve efficiency and increase market share.  With some of the most diversified intellectual property portfolios in the nation, our scientists also push out new discoveries to support a dynamic and evolving marketplace.

Key Partners

With support from the U.S. Economic Development Administration, we have put Virginia Tech engineers together with the transportation equipment manufacturing industry. They are helping firms become more competitive by developing new products and working new efficiencies and green practices into factories. 

Key Projects and Initiatives

OED personnel work to precipitate innovative practices and processes between companies in Virginia and Virginia Tech faculty. We build partnerships that can increase company or industry competitiveness as well as facilitate commercialization of technologies and services.

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Soaring into unmanned aircraft production

Virginia’s assets include a technologically oriented workforce. With its strong technology workforce, as well as manufacturing capacity, the commonwealth is well positioned to meet the needs of unmanned aircraft manufacturers. That’s the conclusion of a Virginia Tech study that includes analysis from the Office of Economic Development.

The study was a collaborative effort among theVirginia Department of Aviation, Virginia Economic Development Partnership, Center for Innovative Technology, and Virginia Tech. In addition to the Office of Economic Development, contributors included the Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science and the College of Engineering. The full report can be downloaded from the Virginia Department of Aviation homepage: read more