Are you interested in helping your community or organization find their pathways to prosperity? We can assist with a variety of projects, including those with a focus on community, talent, entrepreneurship, or technology. OED can give you the resources needed to help your community thrive and grow.

Read some of our client testimonies below:


We’ve worked with Virginia Tech’s Office of Economic Development to help provide engineering students and faculty with positions at Volvo and Mack Trucks and their supplier firms. With support from U.S. Economic Development Administration during the 2008-10 recession, we completed numbers of product development and process improvements projects with Volvo and their suppliers that helped the company continue to grow their influence in the region. More recently, we worked with Mack Trucks as they developed a new product line that will be established at a new factory in Roanoke, Virginia. Matt Earnest, Director of VT Center for High Performance Manufacturing


I worked with the Virginia Tech Office of Economic Development on the $4 million CREATES program during the 2008-10 Recession. This US DOL-funded initiative involved collaborations between Virginia Western Community College and Virginia Tech faculty and focused on the creation of new courses and partnerships with industry. Courses centered on energy research and allowed students to receive training as well as hands-on job experience. Hundreds of people found new jobs and others acquired new skills, allowing them to find success in difficult economic times. The Office of Economic Development is a great resource and partner for those wanting to invest in their communities. Dr. Robert Sandel, President of Virginia Western Community College


"Virginia Tech's Office of Economic Development is an ideal partner if you're looking for evidence-based problem-solvers and researchers.  The individuals in the office are known as being trailblazers in the space of technical assistance for entrepreneurship, community, talent, technology and workforce research.  The team skillfully provides a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including focus groups, surveys, economic impact analysis, and interviews.  Aside from the fact that the staff is always friendly and responsive, the quality of the research is nothing short of top notch."  Samantha Steidle, Lead Consultant for the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship

"At Apex, we believe entrepreneurship, new venture development and business growth is the key ingredient to developing a bright future for our region.  We would not be where we are without the vital support of the Virginia Tech Office of Economic Development (VT OED) and their wonderful support and leadership.  The VT OED has been our partner since the early days of our launching the Apex Center for Entrepreneurs. They have gone out of their way to make sure they are supporting our mission of inspiring and empowering our students, faculty, and alumni turn their passion, purpose, and ideas into action. The entire VT OED team have a fantastic cooperative approach, are incredibly responsive and have a strong willingness to support the Apex Center and our growing success.  There is much more to be done and the team at VT OED are bringing together the key players in the state and region to make it happen. The future is bright." Derick Maggard, Executive Director of the Apex Center for Entrepreneurs


The City of Galax, along with members from Vaughan Furniture Company, reached out the Virginia Tech Office of Economic Develop for assistance in evaluating a former 400,000 square foot furniture factory in Galax as a possible multi-use facility that could serve as a catalyst for tourism and increased visitors to our city. The “ask” was simple but the deliverable very complicated – “What can this former factory be that will help Galax in the future?” The OED staff and graduate students worked diligently over a few months reviewing the facility and exploring our regional needs, similar projects, possible funding sources, and how communities partnered or supported developers. The final product was presented to the owners, Galax City Council, and other key individuals in our community and was received with much excitement about the possibilities for the former plant. The final project has generated so much interest that we now have active working committees and state agency representatives meeting on a continuous basis to begin moving this project forward. Without the assistance from the Virginia Tech OED, we would not have made any progress on this exciting project. Keith Barker, City Manager of Galax

We work with Virginia Tech’s Office of Economic Development to connect Virginia Tech’s assets and resources with companies in Newport News. The Newport News Economic Development Authority was a proud sponsor of the inaugural Hampton Roads-Virginia Tech Showcase that brought Virginia Tech President Tim Sands and 90 faculty together for a day of talks and presentations with more than 200 economic leaders from around the region. With the resources and opportunities available through the Office of Economic Development, we are collaboratively working to make the new Tech Center Research Park in Newport News a success. By providing professional opportunities and career development programs for individuals and businesses in our area, we are excited about the even larger impact Virginia Tech will have in the region. Matt Johnson, Economic Development Manager, City of Newport News