UEDA 2019 Regional Meeting


Join us for this two day interactive conference exploring the growing divide between urban and rural communities in different economic, social, and cultural directions!

The Virginia Tech Office of Economic Development is pleased to host a joint meeting of the University Economic Development Association (UEDA) and Virginia’s University-Based Economic Development officers (UBED) to share experiences and ideas, learn from others, and expand networks among peers from around the country.

Conference Overview

A growing divide between urban and rural communities is reflected in different economic, social, and cultural directions. This is a subject of growing national and even international importance. While higher education has made great progress in recent years, sharpening its contributions to growing talent, creating innovation, and developing quality places, are we ready to help span the distance between urban and rural?

University Economic Development Association (UEDA) brings together public and private higher education, private sector; public agencies; and community economic development stakeholders in economic development with the goal of expanding economic opportunity and prosperity. Through news and information, public policy, educational programming and best practice sharing, UEDA focuses on expanding economic opportunity by leveraging research, community, and campus resources.

Virginia has a wide variety of higher education resources that impacts economic development across the state through the work of Virginia’s University Based Economic Development officers (UBED). UBED creates a system of sharing best practices across higher education institutions and exposing agencies and industry to the assets found in Virginia’s universities. Fifteen different universities and the Virginia Community College System have come together to leverage the capabilities of Virginia’s institutions of higher education for economic development outcomes.

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