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Talent and Workforce Development Projects

The Office of Economic Development (OED) collaborates with industry, educators, and workforce training leaders to advance workforce and economic development initiatives across Virginia and to help cultivate a highly-skilled workforce.

Modern Workforce

POWER-Facilitating Pathways to Employment

OED conducted a series of studies on barriers to employment potential job seekers face when entering the workforce.

Behavioral Health

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Quarterly Workforce Reports

OED examines regional labor supply and labor demand data to inform the public of the evolving workforce landscape for each of the three workforce boards in the area.
*Note* As of 2019, OED is no longer developing reports for WDB3.

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Wine Industry Workforce Center 

The OED conducted research and assisted with a proposal for a "Viticulture and Enology Education Center" in Virginia.

"Wine industry workforce center could boost economic development, Virginia Tech study shows"