Talent and Workforce Development Projects

The Office of Economic Development (OED) collaborates with industry, educators, and workforce training leaders to advance workforce and economic development initiatives across Virginia and to help cultivate a highly-skilled workforce.

Project Examples

Image of small satellite in space

Proposal to Expand Small Satellite Research

The OED evaluated a proposal by the Virginia Space Grant Consortium for the Small Satellites Virginia Initiative program and found the prorgam could bring up to $16.2 million to the state.

"Virginia small satellite initiative investment could return millions" (PDF)

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Catalyst Program

The Catalyst program connects businesses and other organizations with Virginia Tech's resources and researchers in order to develop innovative solutions to problems.

"Virginia Tech awarded federal grant to benefit entrepreneurial efforts in region"


Image of grape fines

Wine Industry Workforce Center 

The OED conducted research and assisted with a proposal for a "Viticulture and Enology Education Center" in Virginia.

"Wine industry workforce center could boost economic development, Virginia Tech study shows"