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The Office of Economic Development (OED) works with industries to help companies access intellectual capital to develop new materials and processes that will improve efficiency and increase their market share.  


Measuring the Effects of Drone Delivery in the United States

OED, the Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, and the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership (MAAP)  studied the impact and benefits of drone delivery in three metropolitan communities, Christiansburg, VA; Austin, TX; and Columbus, OH. 


Autonomous Systems in Virginia

Virginia has the opportunity and the capability to be a national leader in the autonomous vehicle field with the potential of yeilding thousands of high-paying jobs. Through this report, Virginia Tech became a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) test site. OED provided an overview of the issues and opportunities concerning autonomous vehicles in order to support informed decisions.

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Virginia Tech Montgomery Executive Airport

Blacksburg Airport Analysis

OED completed a study examining the economic impact the Virginia Tech—Montgomery Executive Airport (VTMEA) brings to the New River Valley (NRV). OED found three primary ways current operations contribute to the local region. The full report details these impacts.

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Future of Virginia Aviation

The OED is working to create a plan to strengthen the aviation and aerospace workforce in Virginia.

"Office of Economic Development talks aviation in Richmond"

"Office of Economic Development visits Liberty University"


Proposal to Expand Small Satellite Research

The OED evaluated a proposal by the Virginia Space Grant Consortium for the Small Satellites Virginia Initiative program and found the prorgam could bring up to $16.2 million to the state.

"Virginia small satellite initiative investment could return millions" (PDF)

The Economic Impacts of Trichoderma and Cocopith in Bangladesh, India, & Nepal

The Economic Impacts of Trichoderma and Cocopith in Bangladesh, India, & Nepal

OED travelled to Bangladesh, India, and Nepal to work with IPM and USAID to assess how Trichoderma and cocopith affect farmers, factory owners, manufactures, nursery owners, and day laborers who use these natural products in their efforts. The report outlines how these products can affect the economic livelihood of a number of people.

New research on sustainable agriculture shows why farmers adopt or dismiss nontoxic farming methods
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