Southern Virginia Community Conversation

The goal of these Vibrant Virginia Community Conversations is to allow participants brainstorm ways to bolster current partnerships and projects between the community and the university and to discuss new ideas to approach communities’ challenges. 

To register to attend please email Elena Muraca at

Agriculture and Forestry

What are the needs of regional agriculture and forestry and the opportunities to grow and develop sustainably in the future? Some topic areas may include innovative technology to lower labor cost barriers and improve quality of life, agritourist opportunities, and other ways of additional revenue generation.

Location: Higher Ed Center (820 Bruce St, South Boston, VA)
Date and Time:  June 11 from 1-3pm

Advanced Manufacturing

What are the needs and opportunities for regional manufacturing to offer it a competitive advantage? Some topic areas may include workforce needs, logistic and infrastructure needs, and opportunities to integrate innovative technologies.    

Location: Higher Ed Center (820 Bruce St, South Boston, VA)
Date and Time: June 11 from 10-12pm


How does the region develop a stronger, vibrant entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem? Some topic areas may include supporting the growth of main street and startup businesses, and community and quality of life development that will attract entrepreneurial individuals.

Location: Launch Place (527 Bridge St Suite 200, Danville, VA)
Date and Time: June 10 from 1-3pm


Educational Pipeline

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the current K-12 education system, and how do we support teachers and the system to foster a population of educated citizens and workforce? Some topics may include creating a stronger cadre of credentialed teachers, innovative coursework to support soft skill development, CTE courses and industry partnerships.

Location: Farmville Train Station (510 W 3rd St, Farmville, VA)
Date and Time: June 3 from 10-12pm

Information Technology

What are the strengths and challenges with growing, supporting and attracting IT businesses and workforce, and what steps can the region take? Some topics we could discuss are workforce development for all industries, and strengthening the broadband and cloud infrastructure in the region.

Location: Lake Country Advanced Knowledge Center (118 E Danville St, South Hill, VA)
Date and Time: June 12 from 10-12pm